The Michigan Project

Gift Is The New Bling. Contact Allison at The Michigan Project to procure one of these limited edition Art Units made by Project 33. 

Scenes from the Starship - First look at the ongoing documentary

As we continue to document Project 33, an ambitious glass-art undertaking that involves dozens of acclaimed artists pushing the boundaries of glass creation and community building, we will release in-depth clips from the ongoing feature documentary being produced by Dan Collins Media. These behind-the-scenes chapters will feature the ambitions, ideas, challenges and victories that go along with the project. The first two videos focus on the launch of the project, which took place during two weeks in January, 2016. New videos will be released shortly, including more content from January's projection and scenes from 4/20, DFO, the Michigan Glass Project and more! 

The Starship at Light Speed

Chaka discusses the community spirit of Project 33, and Marcel describes the process of making Mille letters in the furnace.

Finished Work, and Ongoing Collabs

8 days into Project 33, some finished work adorns the shelves, and an incredible group of artists continues to collaborate on new pieces.

Good Morning From the Starport

The sun comes up over Eugene and the studio kicks into gear. (The night shift has been up til dawn watching the furnaces, and they finally get a chance to sleep now)

Torch Work

When the sun sets at the Starport the torches kick into high gear.

A Mid-Flight Engine Swap

When an element in one of the furnaces goes down, the crew has to swap out furnaces in a complicated maneuver - they make it look pretty damn easy. Do you even furnace bro?

The Dragon

When the giant furnace better known as Draco gets going, even the Oregon winter warms up.

Torch Work

January 3d - Torches blaze for the second day in a row, with multiple artists working at once all throughout Marcel's Starport Studio. Here are a few glimpses of the scene in Eugene.

Firing up the Lathe

On the second day of the project, the torches started blazing, and the Lathe got fired up. It is mesmerizing to watch these artists work!

The Rainbow Arrives

New Year's Day found the crew gathered around a fresh stack of color, glittering in the sunlight. See more videos on Instagram - @marcelglass

Work Before Art

Preparing the Starport Studio for Project 33 has taken weeks, and the help of a stellar crew of people. I arrived on New Year's Eve and began documenting this stage of the project, and found everyone hard at work doing everything from building gravel pathways around the property, to constructing new workstations for the artists. Mike Conrad has been busy getting the kilns and furnaces ready. As he says, there is a lot of work to be done before you can create art. See more videos on Instagram -  @marcelglass.