Have Starship, will travel!


  • Insane travelling hot shop! Customized, on-site coin pulls!
  • Starship Sessions: On-site, custom coin pull parties at Marcel’s studio!
  • Film Screenings of the new documentary, “Project 33:  An Alternative is Possible”!
  • New Documentary Episodes of the ongoing Project 33!

The first stop of the tour is the 2018 DFO Family Reunion

Marcel is building a customized trailer that will allow the crew to hit the road with a fully-functioning hot shop, roll up on site, pull new Art Unit coins, and host film screenings and epic parties along the way. You can support the trailer build, the mobile tour, and the ongoing Project 33 by investing in Art Units and engaging in trade with them to expand this emerging alternative economy.

Dfo pre-sale

Take the opportunity to secure a coin from the upcoming hot shop demo at the 2018 DFO Family Reunion.

Kickstart the Starship: Grab Your DFO Coin Pre-Order Now!
Pre-order 1 or more 10 AU coins to be pulled at DFO 2018, and you will receive the largest coins in order of payment.

The 420 Baker's Dozen: DFO Coin Volume Incentive
Pre-order 10 DFO coins, get 13. Your early support guarantees you extra Art Unit spending power when the coins are complete. Yeah, we know that's not the actual definition of a "baker's dozen", it's even better!

Launch the Starship: DFO Coin Full Volume Incentive
Contact us to discuss larger volume sales, with larger incentives. Your purchase guarantees you a huge increase in Art Unit spending power, and makes you an integral part of supporting the ongoing Project 33.

ongoing events

Schedule a Stop on the Starship Mobile Hot Shop Tour

Collaborate with the team to design a statement  for your own custom Art Unit. We will schedule you into our tour and when we arrive we will set up the trailer and screen our movie followed by an actual live coin pull. The coins will be available for sale or to trade out for other art units to diversify.

Schedule a Custom Coin Pull Party at the Starship

Collaborate with the team to design a statement  for your own custom Art Unit. We will schedule a coin pull at the Starship where your team can help us create the magic in a festival like setting with a catered party in your honor the night of the final pull.

film sponsors

Major Film Sponsorships are available for $10,000 (full screen logo) or $5,000 (half screen logo).

Marcel has created a beautiful new $1,000 (100 Art Unit) coin for this marketing initiative, and Major Film Sponsors will also receive $5,000 or $10,000 of these Art Units when they sponsor a logo slide.

Major Film Sponsor Logos will be prominently displayed at the opening of the documentary film (Project 33: An Alternative is Possible), and will be included in all teasers and trailers.