The Project 33 Documentary is in Production!

 Support the Project 33 Documentary on Kickstarter! The new film, directed by Dan Collins, is in production and slated for release in June of 2017.

Support the Project 33 Documentary on Kickstarter! The new film, directed by Dan Collins, is in production and slated for release in June of 2017.

Letter From the Director

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Hi I’m Dan Collins, an award-winning filmmaker from Philadelphia. For over 15 years I have made documentary films that explore underground subcultures and social movements. In 2012 I partnered with my long-time friend Marble Slinger to make a film called Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes, documenting the history of the functional glass art movement that has blossomed over the last few decades. Initially forced underground, the functional glass community is now a thriving industry, ripe with vibrant artistic energy. This movement has always been about much more than glass art, it’s also about alternative lifestyle, self sufficiency, and the desire to challenge the system.

Project 33 is not a sequel to Degenerate Art, but it is a deeper exploration into this subculture, specifically the life and work of glass visionary Marcel Braun. Marcel has been a heavy hitter on the glass scene for decades, but he’s got bigger plans than just blowing up the art scene. He’s trying to show that a truly alternative lifestyle is possible. It explores Marcel’s life-long dedication to the power of the arts, and his efforts to encourage sustainable living - leading by example with artistic collaboration, community building, and the creation of glass coins known as “Art Units”, using glass techniques that have spanned centuries.

Marcel and his crew envision an ever-expanding community of glass vendors, farmers markets, restaurants, and other businesses accepting art units as a valid alternative currency. Indeed, many have already gotten on board. It may seem like a risky business trying to offer an alternative to almighty dollar, but for anyone who has dedicated their lives to the pursuit of artistic expression and social progress this is just the next step in an ongoing, underground revolution.

This film is an empowering story of artists who wish to amplify the impact of their creative abilities by investing their output right back into their community. With your support, we can bring this unique story to light in just a few short months!

Sponsorship Opportunites

Would you like to see your company logo in the opening sequence of this feature film? Ever dream of seeing your name in lights as an Executive or Associate Producer? Want to step up and help bring this film to the world? We are offering a few coveted sponsorship spots to organizations and individuals who can contribute to our post-production budget. For serious inquiries, rates, and detailed budget information, contact Director Dan Collins at